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Hot Water Heater Smells Like Gas

Hot Water Heater Smells Like Gas

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Q: Why does the new water heater make the water smell of sulfur? We had it installed and then left for vacation only to return to stinky hot water. A: The rotten-egg smell comes from hydrogen sulfide …

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Why does my water smell like rotten eggs? A lot of times when that happens, it's usually from a well. You have to soften the water first before it goes into the water heater. Because as the water heater heats, is releases the sulfur and the bacteria, and that's why it starts to smell like rotten eggs.

You don't heat hot water, lol. If it was a gas leak you would get a smell of sulfur not garlic. What your smelling is the workings of the water heater. The problem is that it is filled with a lot of calcium at the bottom of the tank. You need to flush the tank. Shut off the gas and supply water to the heater.

Gas Or Electric Water Heater Most of these heaters are powered by natural gas or electricity. In gas-fired heaters, a gas burner warms the water. In electric heaters, a pair of heated coils does the job. A water heater might … However, in older homes especially, you may find a tank water heater in a kitchen. The tanks come in
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hot water heater Gas Or Electric Despite this expense, water heaters are typically ignored until they break, leaving you with no hot Consumer Reports recently tested several electric and gas whole-house tankless water heaters Tank water heaters typically hold 40, 50, or 55 gallons or more. The size you buy depends on the… Water heaters aren’t the types of thing that

First I would like to thank LarryG for your response to my previous post. Since I have been paying attention to the hot water heater I have been noticing a very slight gas odor from the area around the pilot. I have to put my nose right up to it to smell it and can't smell the gas just by standing by the hot…

The following smells may indicate an issue, though not all of these smells are related to gas leaks. Rotten Egg Smell In Your Water Some hot water heaters can produce odors in your water that smell like rotten eggs, caused by bacteria reacting to aluminum or magnesium anodes that attract corrosive elements in your water.

“When you smell natural gas its probably coming from one of your natural gas appliances such as a dryer, a hot water heater, …

Talk about a last minute video. I was having an issue with the smell of gas and it was taking longer than usual to heat the water. Hope you can learn…

Redneck Check For A Natural Gas Leak!Several months ago we had a strong sulfur smell in our hot water. We called the company … occurring sulfur-based elements in the water, releasing tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas — which smells …

Boye didn’t smell … gas had built up in the room and somehow ignited. That theory meant the potential culprits were the gas …


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